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Packaged Prayer Cards
Prayers for the Earth
NEW for Earth Day 2009
These prayers—one for each day of the week—nurture an attitude of love for the earth, moving all who live here to keep it beautiful for future generations.
Prayers for a Global Heart
Carry this small collection of soul-stretching prayers in your pocket or in your wallet. Keep it by your computer, on the fridge or share it with others. Here is a sample of one of the prayers in the brochure.
Prayer for Leadership
Our country is preparing for an election that will determine the direction of the nation and the future of the global village. All citizens have a responsibility to vote, but it is imperative that we vote with wisdom. So we pray ...
Prayer for World Peace
Available from Pax Christi USA
Let Peace Fill My Heart (Prayers for a Peaceful World)
As an act for peace, recite a prayer a day and share this card with everyone you know.
A Litany of Women for the Church
Free online at
Prayer in Honor of Those Whom Jesus Loved
Free online at
Illuminations Meditation Cards
Sorry, currently out-of-print
$5.00, 10/$45.00, 25/$100.00, 100/$300.00