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Lent 2017

The Way to Inner Freedom
The Way to Inner Freedom: A guided journal
The Way to Inner Freedom: A guided journal
Item#: B245
$8.95, 25/$123.75

Product Description

by Joan Chittister

Joan Chittister brings you the essence of the ancient wisdom of St. Benedict in her reflections on his time-tested path to inner freedom. For each of the steps of this path, read Sister Joan’s reflections, sit with the accompanying photography, and then find directed questions on pages open for you to express your own experience. Having worked through these steps, St. Benedict promises, “You will reach the love of God that casts out fear.”

Give this spiritual guide as a gift to yourself, to those you love, and to those you mentor.

$8.95 each
25 or more $4.95 each

Benetvision: Paperback
84 pages, full color